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Monetary donations

Monetary donations can be transferred to the donation account of JÜkrainer e.V. association with the intended purpose “Donation Ukraine”. If you require donation receipts, please inform us briefly at or include your address details in the reason for payment of your bank transfer.

JÜkrainer e.V.
IBAN: DE31 3955 0110 1201 6486 47
Sparkasse Düren

or to PayPal:

In-kind donations

The donations in kind are brought to Lviv / Ukraine with the help of the company Agilis Jettenders GmbH from Jülich and distributed from there in Ukraine to provide the people with the most essential items.

Packing instructions

IMPORTANT: please pack in-kind donations separately in boxes according to the categories below. Please do not tape the boxes shut.

click here to print the checklists



  • First aid kits to go
  • Cold remedies, antipyretics
  • Pain-relieving drugs (ibuprofen, paracetamol), antibiotics!!!!
  • Hemostatic drugs, blood thinners
  • Heart and blood pressure medications
  • Remedy for stomach problems/diarrhea
  • Remedies for burns, healing ointments
  • Bandages, dressings & plasters (in rolls)
  • Disinfectant and gloves (sterile and non-sterile)
  • Nasopharyngeal airways (NPA)
  • Decompression needles
  • Occlusive dressings

Food (no glass packaging please):

  • Non-perishable food (self-opening canned food, soup packets, field ration, rice, cereals, tea, coffee powder, coffee-sticks)
  • Energy bars, chocolate bars, nuts, dried fruit, cookies (well packaged)
  • Ready meals (e.g. pasta)

Children and hygiene products:

  • Baby and infant food (meat and vegetable), powdered milk, baby food (shelf stable and ready to eat!), packaged snacks
  • Baby bottles, baby bowl + spoon, feeding bottle
  • Diapers in different sizes
  • Children bedding sets
  • Wet wipes
  • Sanitary towels
  • Incontinence pads
  • Dry napkins

Other things needed:

  • Headlamps and flashlights
  • Moisture-proof matches and candles
  • Camping mats, sleeping bags
  • Hot water bottles
  • Thermoses (new or in good condition)
  • Powerbanks with cable (fully charged)
  • Batteries (AA and AAA)
  • Bicycles for adults and children (please only in good condition and ready to ride)
  • Currently very URGENTLY needed:
    • Gas stoves with cartridges, Camping stoves
    • Good gasoline generators
    • Combat gauze
    • Combat-Application-Tourniquet (C-A-T), SOF Tourniquet (SOF-T)
    • Thermal underwear, thermal insoles

Medical items are still top priority, along with preserved food and sanitary products.

Opening hours and acceptance point for donations

Can now be done anytime during normal working hours.

New address for the drop-off of the donations is @ Agilis Jettenders GmbH, Lohfeldstraße 2, 52428 Jülich, nearby the railway station.

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