We are Ukrainians, most by nationality and all at heart. We are located in Jülich, NRW, Germany. Many of us have emigrated to Germany to do science but we are always happy to visit our homeland.

In these difficult times, we unite to stand with Ukraine and Ukrainian Army against Russian invasion and terror. Today, brave Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are fighting to defend our land, Ukraine, a sovereign country in the heart of Europe. They hold brutal enemy attacks, that cost many human lives and cause countless destructions. Many Ukrainians lost their houses, many people lost everything they had, and now have to flee far from the war. They need shelter and they need your help. We have to stop the aggressor together. Every contribution counts. Even little help is a significant input to Europe’s and World’s safety and peace.

Therefore, we formed a team of more than 30 people to organize humanitarian help, collect donations, and transfer them for the needs of the Ukrainian refugees and Army.

On this website, you will find the information to support Ukraine in these difficult times.

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